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Forever Young: What We Believe

When David Rahimi, MD, started Forever Young in 1999, he set out to open a practice that would correct the stereotype of the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon: flashy, fast-paced and overpriced.

Providing patients with discrete, personalized care at reasonable costs was a given, as was a simple maxim: Only those you tell will know. Since its inception, Forever Young has also set out to offer care that stressed close doctor-patient collaboration with a holistic approach to care.

As Dr. Afshin David Rahimi had learned through his residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, the major concerns for patients exploring cosmetic surgery and dermatological procedures are safety, privacy, quick recovery time and natural looking results.

To meet these needs, Dr. Afshin David Rahimi uses minimally invasive techniques, a combination of small procedures and a light, artistic touch to achieve remarkable results. He asks every patient to bring family photos and snaps of when he or she was 10 to 15 years younger. Together, they determine a realistic final outcome.

A double-board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, his signature procedures, like the trademarked Tuliplift Facelift or the Manual Epidermal Dermabrasion (MED), ensure a natural, healthy look. And surgery is only performed under local anesthetic, which dramatically decreases risk and promotes faster recovery.

But whether a patient is interested in MED or a Tuliplift Facelift, Dr. Afshin David Rahimi's philosophy is clear - a patient is not just a procedure waiting to happen. Rather than hurry patients through a rigid process, Forever Young revolves around the patient.

From the initial consultation, Dr. Afshin David Rahimi creates a personal program that gets a patient ready for a change that's both physical and psychological. This philosophy of care not only accelerates the healing process but also helps maintain the patient's investment.

The Forever Young approach to patient care also means appointments are never double booked. Dr. Afshin David Rahimi dedicates time not only to discuss procedures with patients, but also to get to know them as individuals and design custom follow-up programs to extend the benefit of their treatment. He even gives patients his personal cell phone number post procedure to field questions directly.