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Friday, May 10. 2019

Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Friday, May 10. 2019

Announcing a NEW TECHNIQUE for the treatment of Rolling and Box Car Acne Scarring

I have developed a new technique I call : “Subtunneling” to treat deep strophic acne scars.
I learned Subcision from its inventor Dr. Orentreich in 1997.
This was during my Dermatology Residency at Mount Sinai Medical center in NY.
Later I learned Acne scarring treatments such as lasers and dermabrasion from the co-developer
of Retin A Dr James Fulton In 1999.
I am proud and honored to make a small contribution to
this field with this new and innovative technique. 
Subtunneling involves using various gauge needles (20 gauge, 18 gauge, 16 gauge) at various
depths in the skin ( intra-dermal, deep dermal etc) to make small tunnels
using the bevel of the needle for the placement of fillers such as Sculptra and Bellafill.
This techniques allows the treatment of deep rolling and boxcar scarring with minimal downtime. 
Call us for more information or come in for a complementary consultation.
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Tuesday, April 2. 2019

Category : Facelift / Tuliplift

Tuesday, April 2. 2019

Did you know that the mini Facelift called "Tuliplift" can be performed under local anesthesia?

Many patients and physicians are quite surprised to hear that a cutting / surgical facelift can be performed completely under local anesthesia. I have been practicing Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery since 1999. During this time I have performed hundreds of face, neck, eyelid, and body surgeries under local anesthesia. Mild sedation with oral valium and an injection of a pain killer (such as Demerol ) is all that is ever needed.

I have developed a procedure that involves the removal of excess skin AND tightening of the muscle (fascia and SMAS plication) that can be performed under local anesthesia. Some patients decide against having a facelift because of the risks associated with general anesthesia. Our trademarked Tuliplift procedure is performed without general anesthesia.

Here are the steps involved:

The skin is prepped in a sterile fashion in our operating room.

A dilute solutioon of numbing called "Klein Solution" is injected into the neck and face are

Excess fat is gently suctioned by hand (not a machine)

excess skin is marked off and removed from in front of the ears and behind the ears

SMAS / facial Muscle is tightened using permanent and dissolvable sutures

Skin is gently re-draped and sutured with dissolvable and semi-permanent sutures

PRP- Ecclipse Platelets and Stem cells are injected

sutures are removed 7-10 days later

2 weeks later the scars are reduced using Mixto fraction resurfacing

cost $15000-$25000