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Tuesday, March 10. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Tuesday, March 10. 2015

PPP pr Pearly penile Papule treated with laser

PPP or Pearly Penile Papules

I have treated nearly 100 patients with PPP over the past 16 years.

This benign condition can cause profound anxiety in younger men.

It is easily treatable with lasers and leaves virtually no marks.

I start the consultation with a thorough medical exam followed by detailed photographs outlining the procedure and healing phases. 1-2 sessions are usually needed to eliminate the problem. The healing phase is 5-7 days. Mild redness and soreness can last up to 2 weeks.

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Saturday, March 7. 2015

Category : New Treatments

Saturday, March 7. 2015

Quadrafecta face and neck lifting without surgery


Ultherapy face, neck and eyes

Mixto fractional Co2 laser face, neck and eyes

Voluma fillers

Great non-surgical lifting


Category : Acne Scarring Treatments

Saturday, March 7. 2015

"Neda Protocol" for the treatment of severe acne scarring








I often see patients with deep acne scarring who have atrophic, ice pick, box car, and rolling scars.

These types of scarring are difficult to treat. Each type of scar requires a separate modality and special consideration.

Ice pick scars are punched out using different size round punches. The holes are basically excised and the skin surtured back in place. The ensuing scar from the excision is evened off using a CO2 fractional laser (Mixto CO2).

Rolling and atrophic scars are treated with Subcison.

Subcision involves using a small knife under the skin to cut the bands that are pulling the skin down.

The skin is tightened using Ultherapy or Pelleve.

I call this combination therapy “The Neda protocol”

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Dr. David R.

Forever Young, Inc.