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Friday, November 2. 2018

Category : Lipolysis / Liposuction

Friday, November 2. 2018

Dents after traditional liposuction can be repaired with fat grafting and PRP.

One of the problems I have encountered is that inexperienced surgeons often use large cannulas to suction the fat from the abdomen and flanks. This, in turn, can cause large and unsightly indentations that can be very difficult to reverse. They either use canulas that are too large or they go up too high towards the surface of the skin.

In this case my patient had traditional liposuction by an inexperienced surgeon. The liposuction left loose skin and many dents. Many years later she is still hesitant to put on a bathing suite or be intimate with her partner.

These types of dents can be improved using PRP and fat grafting. Small amounts of fat are harvested from the surrounding areas or the thigh area. The fat is concentrated using a Coleman Centrifuge. Eclipese PRP is added and the fat is grafted in micro-droplets to the dented area.

Two or more sessions may be needed but ultimately these defects can be fixed.

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