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Friday, November 2. 2018

Category : Fat Transfer

Friday, November 2. 2018

Harvesting fat from lateral thighs or abdomen can leave unsightly dents; we can fix it

One of the problems I have encountered is that inexperienced surgeons often use large cannulas to harvest fat. This, in turn, can cause large and unsightly indentations that can be very difficult to reverse.

In this case my patient saw a surgeon for fat grafting to the face. Fat was harvested from the lateral thighs and injected to the face. The facial fat was lumpy (that is a different story) but the area from which the fat was harvested become indented and saggy. Many years later she is still hesitant to put on a bathy suite or be intimate with her partner.

Two or more sessions may be needed but ultimately these defects can be fixed.

Please come in for a consultation and allow us to help you.



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