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Thursday, October 11. 2018

Category : Darker Skin

Thursday, October 11. 2018

Scar-less mole removal; is it possible??


As a Dermatologist I see several patients a week who want to have their moles removed. Mole removal for a purely cosmetic reason is quite tricky and I spend a considerate amount of time educating my patients on this topic.

Pigmented moles or moles that have increased in size or changed color or bled need to be removed and examined under a microscope. We diagnose many basal cell cancers, squamous cell cancers and the occasional nodular melanoma this way.

However; most of my patients wish to remove their moles for purely aesthetic reasons. If the mole is skin colored it can be shaved off flush with the skin. No sutures are required and the scar is practically erased using a Co2 fractional laser.

Darker cosmetic and benign moles need to be cut and sutured to fully eliminate their roots. On the face this can leave an unsightly and largely unacceptable cosmetic result. I generally discourage my patients from having flat dark moles cut from their faces. The scars are usually worse than the mole.

I hope this was helpful to you.

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