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Tuesday, April 24. 2007

Facelift alternative for Asian and African American patients

My practice is in Southern California and a large percentage of my patients have a darker skin complexion. Asian and African American patients with a history of keloids or unsightly scars are often hesitant to have a facelift.

Often I'm asked--in regards to the sagging of the jowels and neck area--if there is a more conservative approach one can take: a solution not requiring "any cutting". Here is the answer...

I use a combination of Thermage, micro-liposuction, and fat transfer to restore the youthful appearence of the face. I ask my patients to bring pictures of themselves from 10-15 year ago. From those pictures, I set out to perform a 're-construction of the youthful face'. This approach is paramount to me and my practice. Most of my patients don't want to look drastically different. They just want to look better and more youthful.

I remove the fatty deposit from the jowel and neck area with tumescent liposuction and micro-sculpture. I transfer the harvested fat into either the nasolabial folds or the lips and then perform an aggressive Thermage (Thermacool) over all these areas. When you remove the excess fat, the skin slowly streches back. Thermage helps tighten the skin over the next few months and the natural fat restores the lost volume.

This is my non-intrusive receipe for success; Result: no scarring, minimal downtime, and a facelift without any actual cutting. The small liposuction incisions are smaller than the back of an eraser and are hidden behind the ear and under the chin area. Information is key to making any important decision, so please feel free to share this with your friends.


Very Helpful info !!! I am African American, female, age 49 with deep nasolabial folds, which only make worst the appearance of my under eye bags. What I want is the cheek lift, but I have wondered if Thermage was effective for sagging, or how well it works on dark skin. I am in Seattle, and have experience such disappointment in consultations with Plastic surgeons, and fear that dermatologist here as well lack experience with patients of dark skin. Any advice or referrals.

Dear patient,

I trained in NY and Washington D.C. and have over 10 years of experience treating patients with darker skin complexion.

Off course, it is difficult to give you a detailed answer without proper examination. Having said that, I can tell you that a combination of Thermage and fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, or fat) can be used to rejuvenate an aging face.

Downtime is minimal (a day or two) and the results last for years. You can mail me a photograph and additional questions and I will e-mail you with your options and the cost involved.

All of our fees are listed on the website and we can help arrange a visit to LA.

I hope this was helpful and see you soon.

Dr. A. David Rahimi

I am East Indian and 40 years old. I had to remove keloid on the left side of my ear when I was a teenager. I am interested in doing some form of wrinkle filler. Is this something I should avoid doing? What options do I have topical or surgical for wrinkles around my mouth and eyes?

What is the difference between Beverly Hills Epione's Coolaser and your CoolTouch and/or your ThermaCool?

Kindest Regards,

If a person has a tendency to form keloids, is Thermage safe for facial skin?


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