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Tuesday, May 1. 2007

Dark Circles Under the Eyes Can be Treated

The eyes are usually the first part of the face to show the signs of againg. I am often asked about treatments for dark circles and hollowness under the eyes. Every patient is different and so are the causes for dark circles and puffiness. Some patients have a genetic predisposition that manifests dark circles under their eyes. This is seen more often in patients with a darker skin complexion. Eczema and chronic rubbing of the eyes can also contribute to the problem. Yet for others, the cause is prominent blood vessels in the deeper planes of the orbital complex. Skin laxity and wrinkles cause the eyes to appear sunken and aged. For any of these instances, you have several treatment options...

I usually give my patients both surgical and non-surgical options to correct the againg around the eyes. Surgically the excess skin and fat can be removes and the skin lasered.

Non-surgical typically includes repeated light peels and lasers to tighten the skin; Thermacool treatments to tighten the skin and lift the eyes; Restylane and fat grafting to restore the hollowness; an application of fading creams, and finally a removal of the smaller blood vessels to lighten the darker skin color.

Once again the key is to be conservative and use several different modalities to achieve a natural and long lasting result.


Hi doc,

I have dark eye circles all my life and get comments that I look tired or stressed out even if I'm not, I'm getting sick of it. I look older than my age (I'm only 27 and yet i look like I'm 30). And I'm in desperate need of a solution to my dilemma. In "...removal of the smaller blood vessels to lighten the darker skin color." how is that procedure done? Can I suggest that to my dermatologist? I know it's most likely to be done surgically but I hope you can expound on this further. Hoping to get your soonest reply. Thanks.


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