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Thursday, October 4. 2007

Category : General Advice, : New Treatments, : Procedures

Thursday, October 4. 2007

Acne is More Than Just "PIMPLES"

Acne Vulgaris is one of the most common skin disorders in the United States. It is estimated that over 20 million people suffer from this potentially debilitating condition. Acne can affect ones self-image, lead to social isolation and depression, and even cause physical and psychological scarring and disfigurement.

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Wednesday, October 3. 2007

Category : Procedures

Wednesday, October 3. 2007

Subcision - What is it and How Does it Work?

During a recent Radio show I was asked about improving acne scars.  Subcision is one of the procedures I use to improve depressed acne - or traumatic scars. The procedure is quite simple and very effective.

One reason you can see depressed scars is that fibrous bands pull the skin inward. I use a a small NoKor needle to cut the fibrous bands from inside. All that is needed is a small amount of local anesthesia (cream or lidocaine solution), steady hands, and a thorough knowledge of skin anatomy. Here is how it works....

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