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Saturday, December 15. 2007

Category : Facelift / Tuliplift

Saturday, December 15. 2007

Tuliplift Before and After

Everything here was done under local anaesthesia and mild sedations: CO2 laser; Peel; Eyelift and Tuliplift. View the Before and After photos.

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Friday, December 14. 2007

Category : General Advice, : Procedures

Friday, December 14. 2007

The Forever Young Kit Provides Solutions for All Skin Problems

Whatever treatments you choose to improve and rejuvenate your skin - you'll want to keep your results by establishing care routines and using products to help maintain not just the aesthetics but the health of your skin. Our products are specifically formulated to address the damaging effects of sun and pollution, but also to help speed healing after a procedure...

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Saturday, December 8. 2007

Category : General Advice

Saturday, December 8. 2007

Proper Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Proper nutrition - everyone knows it's essential to health - here are some of the best foods for healthy skin. Keep in mind that when your diet is missing certain foods for healthy skin, other, even more serious skin problems can result. So as you are planning menus or when you’re browsing a holiday buffet table - choose some of these foods:

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