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Monday, November 19. 2007

Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Collagen, Nu Fill, Fat, Silicone... so many choices

Over the past 10 years the list of facial "Fillers" has grown from one, namely Collagen, to over a dozen FDA approved products.

An intergral part of the consultation process is deciding which filler is perfect for you. Radiesse lasts 1-2 years but is too thick to use in the fines lines around the eyes or lips. Juvederm lasts about a year, but is more expensive. Fat is readily available but tends to resorb in certain areas (lips for instance) very qickly.

Here is how i approach a new patient...

I have my patients bring photographs of themselves from 10 years ago. Most people do not want to look drastically different; just more rested and healthy.

At Foreveryoung, Inc. you can choose the filler that fits your budget and is best suited for your face. Our staff is not pushy, all procedures are performed personally by Dr. David Rahimi, and all of our fees are either listed on the website or can be found with a simple telephone call.  There are no surprises.

Please make sure to stop Aspirin and Advil containing products a week before the procedure and start Arnica (available over the counter at most health food store) to prevent bruising and swelling. If you are very sensitive to pain Dr. Rahimi can perform a dental block to reduce any disconfort associated with the injections. We don't charge extra for this service.

Hope to see you soon.


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