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Thursday, November 29. 2007

Fat Transfer for Aging Hands

Your hands and forearms will also be on display this holiday season - unfortunately for many of my patients visible signs of aging hands can occur even in their early 30's. These areas are also the most neglected, as years of daily chores take their toll. While most patients have an established facial care routine - hands and forearms are often treated with a quick dab of hand lotion and nothing more...

In addition to the treatments already discussed for neck and upper chest – micro dermabrasion, peels and intense pulsed light treatments – hands need additional help as they loose fat layers and begin to appear bony in addition to wrinkling. The solution is Fat Transfer – which involves removing fat from one part of the body, such as the thigh, and painlessly injecting it into the back of the hand, plumping up the hollow areas. Excess fat can be frozen for future fat transfer procedures (Forever Young has a licensed & State approved Tissue Bank). The procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour and recovery takes approximately seven to 10 days. The results from a Fat Transfer last for years. This procedure can be performed completely under local anesthesia or with the aid of mild sedation. I also recommend adding the Theracool (Thermage) treatments to tighten the forearms, elbows, and upper arm areas.

After treatments – I always advise my patients to treat their hands and forearms with the same care as their face – and SPF products are especially important since many of the chores we do involve outdoor activity.


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