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Thursday, May 15. 2008

Consultations – How are they enjoyable?

The most obvious answer is that for patients considering a Tulip Lift, we offer a free Oxygen Facial or Microdermabrassion with consultation.  A less obvious pleasure quotient is that very often you will learn that there are treatments you never considered – and they may prove to be more in line with your own desires for “quick and easy” solutions.  We all wish there really was an “Easy” button – but what we are all asking for when we say quick and easy – is really a more elegant and well thought out plan – something that has been so finely honed it seems to be magic. 

One of the solutions many of my patients overlook is the Endoscopic eyebrow lift. This elegant and minimally invasive procedure can be performed in less than 1 hour and offers many advantages including smaller incisions, quicker recovery, and less pain.   For some patients this is the ideal way to refresh their face when it’s not so much the wrinkling as it is a structural issue.  By lifting the eyebrows 5 to 7 millimeters using only 3 small incisions hidden in the frontal and lateral hairline, the Titanium sutures hold the forehead up and give the eyes an open and refreshed look.

With this procedure balancing the entire face is important and fat transfer is often used on the lower portion of the face.  Of course none of this is magical – years of research and trials went into making it seem so simple.  But now that it does exist – if you are a candidate for this procedure, you will be so pleased to discover how easy it can be.


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