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Wednesday, October 28. 2009

5 Facelift Facts

With so many different options – and so many of them called “facelift”, it’s hard to know what a true lift is – when is it needed – and how invasive does it have to be.  I’ve discussed the Tuliplift before, and why it is an ideal solution for certain types of aging, yet I find many of my patients still have either unrealistic expectations of some procedures or frightening misconceptions about facelifts.

A true facelift must address:

  • excess sagging skin by excising it
  • remove unwanted fatty deposits from neck and jowl area 
  • tighten the underlying tissue and muscle
  • consider both vertical and horizontal planes
  • fill in areas that have lost necessary fat deposits

While many issues can be resolved with a variety of less complex techniques – and Forever Young offers all the latest developments – once certain types of damage has occurred there is no way to achieve a more youthful appearance without utilizing all of the above.  If any one of the elements is missing, it not only throws everything off balance, since it all works interdependently, but the results will not last as long.

Only a consultation can determine if a true facelift is necessary.  If I see that there is little skin sagging, and no neck and jowl issues, then I will recommend one of many treatments to rejuvenate the face, but no amount of laser technology or fillers can suffice once structural issues are involved.  Many patients come in hoping to avoid what they think of as a radical operation, and expect small procedures to produce huge results.  My advice is to either radically reduce expectations or welcome the fact that the Tuliplift accomplishes all of the above with a few tiny incisions, under local anesthetic and a 7-10 day recovery.


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