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Friday, May 14. 2010

3D Resurfacing; A New Way to Treat the Skin


Do you look at your skin with a 5x or even 10x magnifiers. Are there a few specific areas that really bother you? If the answer is YES to the above; you should read this blog.

For years patients would tell me during the consultation that the light in the examining room makes their lines look softer and that they have a tough time showing me the area that really bothers them. Some patients would pick up one of my magnified mirrors and show me the affected area.

It then downed on me! Why not laser while looking at my patient’s faces with magnification?

Generally speaking laser surgeons use their magic wands and laser away 5, 7, or 10 layers of the skin. This removal (also called ablation or resurfacing) is performed evenly throughout the face. The end-result is smoother skin with scars that appear softer.

But what about that persistent or deep line that brought you to your surgeon in the first place. In most instances that area is treated in the same fashion as the skin right adjacent to it.

We do it differently!

I look with magnification, sometimes using an HD camera with 15 to 20x magnification DURING the laser procedure. This allows me to treat the “trouble areas” more aggressively. Deep scars (acne scars) are also treated differently. I get much better results when I laser the “shoulder” of the scar with an extra pass of the Fraxel for example.

I call it 3D Resurfacing. This literally allows me to address each and every scar, line, discoloration individually, in real time and in 3 Dimensions.

I hope you can come in and allow me to show you.

A. David Rahimi, MD, FAAD.


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