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Wednesday, April 11. 2007

Does Mesotherapy Work?

Right across the street from my office on Wilshire Blvd. there is a large sign that reads: "Instant facelift. No downtime, no cutting, no surgery. Mesotherapy works."

Having practiced cosmetic surgery and dermatology for over 10 years, I have yet to see any significant or lasting improvement caused by the injection of Vitamins or herbal extract. A recent study by Dr. George J. Hruza published in the December issue of Dermatological Surgery (Dermatol Surg 2006 Dec;32:1467-72) shared this view. The study concludes that injections of Vitamins and herbal extracts do not result in any clinically relevant benefit. Aside from subcutaneous injections of Phosphatidyl choline and deoxycholate for lipolysis, mesotherapy continues to show a lack of clinical efficacy while still subjecting patients to potential risk.

Without a compelling study to the contrary, I am reluctant to endorse Mesotherapy as an effective and safe form of treatment. Perhaps more studies similar to Dr. Hruza's will be available in the future to shed more light on the efficacy of these and other commonly used rejuvenation techniques.


I'm a 30yr. old woman, I'm 5'6 145lbs. I have an athletic build but I have had cellulite on the upper back of my thighs & feel I have noticed a little pudge on my belly. I have fair skin & I tend to bruise easily. I tried the mesotherapy injections in Dec 2006. I only had 1 treatment for the back of my thighs, & stomach. I did not choose to continue the treatments because I bruised horribly from the procedure. I'am disappointed with my results. It has been almost 1year since I had mesotherapy injections in my belly & back of thighs. The bruises on my belly have broken down & are merely noticable, but the back of my thighs I have noticable bruises that worsen the appearance of my cellulite because the bruises resemble dimples. I have tried the procedure that uses the suction, heat, & radio waves hoping that it would improve the circulation in the back of my thighs & promote the brusing to heal but after receiving 10 treatments I still have permanent bruising on my thighs. Buyer beware


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