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Saturday, May 15. 2010


Saturday, May 15. 2010

Is your High School or College Reunion right around the corner?


We all want to look out best. Sometimes it takes a special occasion, such as a reunion, to force us to better take care of ourselves.

One of our specialties is to make our patients look their best for their reunions. I often ask my patients to bring photos of themselves in their 20s and 30s. I look at Cosmetic Surgery as reconstruction.

Here are some simple and non-invasive procedures that can be done even a couple of weeks before the event to make you look your best:

·         Oxygen Facials: Purified Oxygen, mineral, and vitamins are directly infused into the skin. The cost is about $130 and it can make all the difference. Makeup sits better on the skin and pores tighten.

·         Botox and Dysport: We are platinum Members and have 12 years of experience with softening lines and raising the eyebrows without making you look frozen or surprised. Downtime is minimal and results are fantastic.

·         Fillers: Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse and more. Deep laugh lines are filled and lips can look their best.

·         Light peels: Glycolic and Jessner peels take only one week to heal and give you a glow.

·         Lasers: We have 7 different one s to choose from. From deep CO2 laser, Mixto Fraxel, Cooltouch, to Diolite and Laser hair removal.

·         Light sources: IPL also known as Intense Pulse Light can remove brown spots and fine lines

·         Thermacool: Non-surgical tightening perfected with the new NXT Themage. I lightly sedate my patients with a little Valium to get the best possible results.

Come in a allow us to make you look BEAUTIFUL.

Dr. A. David Rahimi

Friday, May 14. 2010


Friday, May 14. 2010

3D Resurfacing; A New Way to Treat the Skin


Do you look at your skin with a 5x or even 10x magnifiers. Are there a few specific areas that really bother you? If the answer is YES to the above; you should read this blog.

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Tuesday, May 4. 2010


Tuesday, May 4. 2010

Chin implants; I rarely perform them any longer.

During my fellowship training I learned to perform chin implants in patients with receding chins and to tighten up loose necks. I used a variety of silicone implants: natural, anatomic, wrap-around, etc, and even some custom made ones.  I would offer it to my facelift patient on a regular basis and the results were generally good. The only drawback was that the implants could rarely move, spit or get infected.

Recently I noticed that I am using chin implants less and less often.  Fat transfers and the longer lasting fillers (such as Juvederm Ultra Plus) have all but replaced chin implants in my practice.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using fillers to augment the chin and jaw line:


·         Control over size of the chin: Most Chin implants come is 3 or 4 sizes. It is exceedingly difficult to find the perfect size for a patient. Most chins are also a little asymmetrical (just like the left and the right foot are not always equal). A symmetrical chin implant can accentuate an asymmetric chin and worsen the picture. Fillers (Juverderm, Radiesse, and Fat) are placed in tiny droplets and can be used to not only build up the chin and jaw line, but also to correct minute irregularities.

·         Gravity: A chin implant is permanent but the face changes over many years and decades. Chin implants that look good when you are 35 may not look as appealing at age 65. Fillers and even transplanted fat resorb and go away in 12 to 24 months. This gives you a chance to re-shape the face every few years and maintain a youthful look.

·         Very little risk of nerve damage, infection, or unsightly scarring. I have seen chin implants (and to a much greater degree cheek implants) move. It is exceedingly difficult to remove them. This may injure the nerves and cause a lot of skin laxity.


·         I would say that cost is the biggest disadvantage of using fillers rather than an implant to augment the chin. Fillers have become less and less expensive and are lasting longer.

Overall I have come to prefer fillers as a superior choice to augment the chin and jaw lines.

A. David Rahimi, MD,FAAD.


Tuesday, May 4. 2010

Do not take your irregular monthly periods lightly.

I often see challenging adult acne patients in my practice.  Women in their thirties and forties who complain of sudden change in skin texture, oiliness, and acne. This acne is usually deep and not well controlled with topical agents. A thorough history reveals irregular monthly cycles or painful and heavy cycles. Excess hair on the chin or abdominal area is another less noticed sign.

All these signs and symptoms can be the result of a condition called PCO: Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Simply put cysts on the ovaries cause irregular hormone levels that lead to acne, excess hair, and skin textural changes.

Treatments include lifestyle changes, hormone replacements, and a good skin regimen. The good news is that it is very treatable. The excess hair can be treated with laser.

Ask your dermatologist or GYN doctor if you have irregular periods and acne that is just out of control.

A. David Rahimi, M.D,F.A.A.D.